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A one-stop hub for simple job solutions.

Rush is an Integrated Recruitment Service Provider

What does that mean exactly?

We hunt for the best candidates for open positions for our clients. We provide flexible solutions for complex problems.

Sound simple? Kind of…

Across the market, there are a range of different types of jobs for different kinds of roles. We specialise in contracted labour hire, temporary work, all the way to permanent placements for highly skilled operations.

We focus on skill sets, longevity, and finding the right cultural fit for our clients and job seekers.

Most organisations feel dangerously underprepared to combat the increasing changes in today’s market.

AI integration, flexible working solutions, and reducing widespread burnout are all areas in which Rush is investing to provide innovative solutions for our job seekers and our clients.

It’s this modern approach to our ‘Number 8 Wire’ ingenuity that allows us to show up in the best way and provide the solutions that our clients have come to expect.

our values


Meaningful Ties.

Connected through our purpose for better.


Culture of Care. 

Caring for job seekers and clients at every point in the process.


Our Shared Journey. 

Working towards better outcomes.

Professional Consulting Services

We have multiple disciplines available for short to long term hire. 

  • Permanent Recruitment:

    • Managing the entire recruitment process, including screening, referencing, interviewing, and skills assessments to find the best candidates for permanent positions.

  • Temporary and Contract Staffing:

    • Providing short-term staff to execute essential projects and meet critical deliverables.
    • Supplying workforce for temporary assignments, ensuring flexibility and coverage for seasonal or project-based needs.

  • Contingency Search:

    • Conducting searches for candidates where the agency is paid upon successful placement.
    • Ideal for businesses looking to fill specific positions quickly without upfront costs.

  • Freelance or Contract Help:

    • Sourcing freelance or contract professionals for specific tasks or projects.
    • Suitable for companies needing specialised skills for short-term projects.

  • Managed Services:

    • Offering comprehensive workforce management solutions, including handling the entire hiring and administrative process for a specific project or department.
    • Ensures efficient and streamlined operations with minimal client involvement.

  • Recruiting Process Management:

    • Overseeing and managing the entire recruiting process, from sourcing candidates to onboarding new hires.
    • Ensures a consistent and efficient recruitment experience.

  • Talent Acquisition:

    • Strategically identifying and attracting top talent to meet the organisation’s long-term goals.
    • Includes developing talent pipelines and succession planning.

  • Onboarding Services:

    • Assisting new hires with the onboarding process to ensure a smooth transition into the company.
    • Includes orientation, training, and integration support.
  • Training Framework Development:

    • Expertise in creating and implementing comprehensive training frameworks tailored to diverse organisational needs.

  • Onboarding and Induction:

    • Expertise in developing comprehensive and basic onboarding and induction programs that align with the performance management strategies of organisations.

  • Content Creation:

    • Skilled in developing comprehensive training materials, including online tutorials, instructions, and learning resources.

  • Cultural Competency:

    • Strong understanding and application of tikanga Māori principles, fostering a culturally sensitive and competent workforce.

  • Professional Development Planning:

    • Proficient in setting up professional development plans, coaching, and mentoring to enhance staff performance.

  • Needs Assessment:

    • Conducting thorough evaluations to identify organisational training needs and aligning them with strategic goals.

  • Partnership Building:

    • Establishing and maintaining strong relationships with external providers to source and integrate effective Learning & Development programs.

  • Specialised Training Initiatives:

    • Developing specialised modules focusing on onboarding, leadership development, and culturally competent practices.

  • Health and Safety Programs:

    • Creating programs to support frontline staff in ensuring the health and safety of employees and clients.

  • Strategic Alignment:

    • Aligning training initiatives with the organisation’s mission, vision, and strategic direction.

  • Performance Management:

    • Implementing effective strategies for performance evaluation and improvement.
  1. Employee Relations:
    • Managing and improving employee relations to foster a positive and productive workplace.
  2. Policy Development:
    • Developing and implementing HR policies that align with organisational goals and legal requirements.
  3. Recruitment and Onboarding:
    • Expertise in recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding new employees to ensure a smooth transition into the company.
  4. Performance Management:
    • Designing and managing performance appraisal systems to drive employee performance and development.
  5. Conflict Resolution:
    • Skilled in mediating conflicts and resolving disputes to maintain a harmonious work environment.
  6. Compliance:
    • Ensuring compliance with employment laws and regulations to mitigate risks and maintain ethical standards.
  7. Investigations:
    • Conducting thorough and impartial investigations into employee complaints and incidents to ensure fair and just outcomes.
  8. Training and Development:
    • Identifying training needs and implementing programs to develop employee skills and competencies.
  9. Employee Benefits:
    • Managing employee benefits programs to attract and retain talent.
  10. HR Strategy:
    • Aligning HR strategies with overall business objectives to support organisational growth.


  • Bookkeeping:

    • Overseeing and recording all financial transactions.
    • Creating and managing budgets.
    • Balancing ledgers.
    • Managing payroll.
    • Ensuring accurate day-to-day financial record-keeping.

  • End-of-Financial-Year (EOFY) Services:

    • Reviewing and reconciling financial transactions.
    • Preparing and filing tax returns.
    • Identifying tax deductions and concessions.
    • Ensuring compliance with all financial regulations.
    • Closing the books for the fiscal year.

      *Aradhana please advise on the following*
  • Financial Planning and Analysis:

    • Developing long-term financial strategies.
    • Conducting financial analysis to guide decision-making.
    • Providing advice on investment strategies.

  • Risk Management:

    • Identifying potential financial risks.
    • Implementing measures to mitigate these risks.
  • Business Transformation:

    • Assisting with financial restructuring to enhance efficiency and profitability.
  • Office Administration:

    • Managing day-to-day office operations to ensure smooth functioning.
    • Implementing and maintaining office systems and procedures.

  • Rostering and Scheduling:

    • Creating and managing staff rosters to ensure adequate coverage and efficient use of resources.
    • Using scheduling software to optimize workforce management.

  • Executive Assistance:

    • Providing high-level administrative support to executives, including managing schedules, correspondence, and travel arrangements.
    • Assisting in the preparation of reports, presentations, and other executive documents.

  • Human Resources Support:

    • Assisting with recruitment, onboarding, and employee relations.
    • Managing HR records and ensuring compliance with labor laws and company policies.

  • Project Management:

    • Coordinating and overseeing projects to ensure they are completed on time and within budget.
    • Providing administrative support for project documentation and communication.

  • Financial Administration:

    • Managing budgets, expenses, and financial records.
    • Assisting with financial reporting and compliance.
  • Strategic IT Consulting:

    • Offering advice on IT strategy and planning to align technology with business goals.
    • Help leverage technology to gain competitive advantages.

  • Project Management:

    • Managing IT projects from inception to completion, ensuring they are delivered on time and within budget.
    • Coordinating resources and stakeholders to achieve project objectives.

  • Technical Consulting:

    • Providing expertise on specific technical challenges and solutions.
    • Implementing new technologies and ensuring they integrate seamlessly with existing systems.

  • Operational Support:

    • Offering ongoing support and maintenance for IT systems to ensure efficiency.
    • Monitoring and managing IT infrastructure to prevent issues and downtime.

  • Data Analytics and Management:

    • Collect, analyse, and leverage data to make informed business decisions.
    • Implementing data management solutions to ensure data integrity and accessibility.

  • Cybersecurity Consulting:

    • Assessing and enhancing your organisation’s cybersecurity posture.
    • Implementing security measures to protect against threats and ensure compliance with regulations.
  • Government Policy Compliance:

    • Ensuring that the organization adheres to all relevant government regulations and policies.
    • Providing tools, resources, and guidance to help the organisation stay compliant with regulatory requirements.

  • Internal Audits:

    • Conducting regular internal audits to assess compliance with laws, regulations, and internal policies.
    • Identifying areas for improvement and ensuring accurate financial reporting.

  • Compliance Monitoring:

    • Continuously monitoring compliance with company policies and procedures.
    • Implementing quality assurance tests to ensure adherence to standards.

  • Quality Assurance Programs:

    • Developing and maintaining quality assurance programs to ensure the quality of services and products.
    • Performing regular quality review activities, such as self-inspections.

  • Policy and Procedure Development:

    • Creating and updating organisational policies and procedures to reflect best practices and regulatory changes.
    • Ensuring that staff are trained on and understand these policies and procedures.

  • Quality Control:

    • Implementing quality control measures to maintain high standards in service and product delivery.
    • Differentiating between quality assurance and quality control to ensure both processes are effectively managed.
  1. Therapeutic and Mental Health Support:

    • Offering evidence-based counseling and psychotherapy for children, adolescents, adults, and families.
    • Providing emotional and social support to individuals experiencing mental health challenges.
    • Collaborating with multi-disciplinary teams to enhance service delivery for mental health and substance use challenges.

  2. Comprehensive Consulting Services:

    • Providing expert advice and mentoring to social work practitioners and organisations.
    • Supporting local authorities, schools, and private organisations with service improvements and strategic planning.

  3. Peer Support for First Responders:

    • Offering peer support programs where first responders can connect with trained volunteers who have shared experiences.
    • Providing emotional and practical support to help first responders cope with their unique challenges.

  4. Caregiving to At-Risk Youth and Individuals with Disabilities:

    • Delivering specialised support services for at-risk youth, focusing on their mental health and well-being.
    • Providing interventions and supports to individuals with disabilities, ensuring they receive the necessary care and assistance.

  5. Integrated Collaborative Care:

    • Working in collaboration with psychiatrists, nurses, and other community members to provide holistic care.
    • Enhancing the overall service delivery to address the diverse needs of the community.


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